»The beads are really beautiful and exactly correspond to the description. Also shipping was very fast. I would order again immediately. Thank you for making these beads. They are really gorgeous!«


Jennifer on DaWanda

Rubinskaja Textile Bead

»I received the bead package this morning and I am absolutely delighted! Thank you so much, the beads are simply stunning, even better than the pictures and so beautifully presented. And what a lovely surprise to receive your very kind gift as well. I shall be sure to wear them all with pride. Thank you once again and Brightest Blessings to you my dear.«

Lisa Clayton, London, UK

Testimonial Rubinskaja Dread Tube Beads

»Rubinskaja’s hair bead is gorgeous and high-quality made. It’s an absolute eye-catcher and I love my new hair accessory a lot. This definitely wasn’t my last purchase here. Two thumbs up.«

ManjiPuh on DaWanda

Testimonial Rubinskaja Dread Bead

The little, fine and individual Rubinskaja Jewelry from Patricia is a very lovely 💛⭐ place to buy her beautiful, classical Beads and the fine other products for Dreadheads and also other kind of customers. Her hand-crafted products are full of love, inspiration and maybe dreams 🌠 And you can see it! ❤️ Michaela – one lucky customer

Michaela on Facebook

Testimonial Rubinskaja Dread Bead

»Very beautiful dread jewelry, totally great! Good communication and fast shipping. Any time again!«

Bettina on DaWanda

Testimonial Rubinskaja Dread Jewelry Set

»For super friendly communication, really fast shipping and the most beautiful beads in my dreads, I want to say THANK YOU!!!«

Jana Felicitas on DaWanda

Testimonial Rubinskaja Dread Bead

»Rubinskaja jewelry is very high-quality and really creative. I’m absolutely pleased. Also shipping went smoothly.«

Vivienne on DaWanda

Testimonial Rubinskaja Dread Beads

»Beads are so beautiful…a real artist!«

Leslie Anderson on DaWanda

Testimonial Rubinskaja Dread Beads

»The beads are really beautiful and worth their price! Thank you!«

Silke on DaWanda

Testimonial Rubinskaja Dread Beads

»Every dreadhead should have at least one Rubinskaja bead.«

Marla Hernández, Rastas Naturales

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