Great that you are interested in Rubinskaja Dreadlock Jewelry.

You want to know how and where your hair accessories are produced and learn more about the designer? Brilliant.

Rubinskaja is Patricia Wendling, a jewelry artist & networker based in Lower Austria.

“As a professionally trained make-up & hair artist, who has been wearing dreadlocks for quite a long time, I searched for unique hair accessories from early on and never found something I really loved. So I started to make high quality dread beads by myself. Since I chose to focus on jewelry making, I try to show, that dread jewelry can be stylish, elegant and cool at the same time. So by now “Non-Dreadheads” want to wear it as well and my range is growing.

I love delicate materials such as textile, leather, beads and gemstones and I continue to experiment passionately…”

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